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    What are Organic Smoothies? The Benefits of It

    Smoothies have become our favorite refreshments during summer. But are we completely sure what a smoothie is? What are the benefits of drinking smoothies? Most importantly, are smoothies healthy? Let’s explore this tasty treat together and understand.
    What are Smoothies?
    Smoothies are drinks made of fruits that have been mashed or pureed in a blender. Usually, you […]

  • Food

    Fruit Juices: The Benefits of It

    Fruits and vegetables are great for your health. We all know about it. However, there are controversies around fruit juice benefits. Are they really healthy? With different kinds of juices available at the stores, which one should you buy? With this guide, we will help you understand both juice benefits and drawbacks and help you […]

  • Food

    What is Acai Bowl?

    Originating from Brazil, acai bowls started spreading all over the world relatively recently. It started as a healthy food for athletes, martial arts professionals, and surfers in particular. But it did not take much time for it to become a popular health food for everyone.

    Acai bowls have made quite a buzz recently. People call it […]

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